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We work with you to develop customized solutions for your facility's unique needs. Don't see the services you need? Just ask! From floor to roof, interior to curb, we can help!

These days, it's more important than ever to keep your facility clean and disinfected. With a variety of options for both proactive and reactive disinfecting, let City Wide Facility Solutions help you identify the best option for your facility, allowing employees and visitors to feel confident your commercial building is clean and safe.

Whether you're a small building in need of light cleaning or a large complex with more specific requirements, you can count on City Wide Facility Solutions to meet your needs and provide a janitorial team that will keep your business clean so it can run smoothly.

Sometimes, ordinary day-to-day cleaning isn't enough. Whatever the requirement, if your business needs detail cleaning services, contact City Wide Facility Solutions. No job is too big or small for our expert teams.

Do you have a list of small repairs, maintenance tasks, and decorating projects that never seem to get done? By using a handyman with all the right tools, knowledge, experience, safety precautions, and insurance, you are protecting your company's property and employees and knocking out your to-do list!

The state of your hard floors makes a large impact on the overall look of your building. In order to improve the feel of your facility, flooring is key. Make a better impression on clients and visitors, and a more pleasant place for employees, by giving your floors the care and attention they require.

Carpet and upholstery are major investments, and we want to help ensure yours is protected. You can depend on the experts at City Wide Facility Solutions to provide the necessary recommendations to ensure they are regularly cleaned and maintained to keep your investment in great condition for years to come.

By letting City Wide take care of your janitorial supplies, running out of toilet paper or soap will never be a concern. Plus, our competitive prices and expertise will save your company money and enable decision-making to become that much easier.

Pressure washing plays a critical role in maintaining the look of your facility. Your building is the first thing a visitor sees, so making sure it is clean and presentable is the key to creating a lasting impression.

The larger the building, the more vital an experienced window washer becomes. City Wide Facility Solutions manages expert window washing services to ensure your windows stay clean and your building remains beautiful.

You already know your facility requires certain services, so let us schedule them in advance for you. Think of it as a yearly check-up for the well-being of your facility that saves you time and relieves stress!

How is matting a crucial investment for the safety of your building? It is about trapping dirt from entering the building and to protect the safety of the visitors to prevent slip and falls. Keep your floors cleaner and slip-proof with commercial matting services managed by City Wide. You can trust us to deliver high-quality, competitively priced commercial matting services for your business.

Occupant safety in a commercial building is a big deal - and winter's brutal addition of snow and ice can make it even more stressful to manage. You can depend on City Wide to take that additional stress off your shoulders by allowing us to manage snow services for your facility

Blinds cleaning is an often overlooked service that helps keep your facility clean and prevent harmful allergens from negatively impacting your visitors' health. Trust City Wide to ensure your blinds stay clean and dust-free.

Commercial cleaning comes in many forms, and many businesses require a unique understanding of their needs and layout to ensure a proper cleaning. With City Wide, your needs come first, and you can trust us to deliver exactly what you're looking for in a commercial clean.

Many construction projects leave the cleanup as an afterthought. As a result, projects can be delayed by weeks or even months while companies scramble to find a cleaning crew. Don't put off this vital step in the process - Trust City Wide to handle your construction site cleanup today.

Electrostatic Disinfecting is a cutting-edge technique for disinfecting your property and ensuring a deep clean. During these uncertain times, your visitors will thank for for considering their needs. You can count on City Wide Facility Soltuions to meet and exceed your Electrostatic Disnfection requirements.

Planning is a key part of any operation. Don't leave your event services up to chance. Trust the experts at City Wide Facility Solutions to manage every aspect of your operation.

Flood damage can seem devasting to any business. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be. City Wide Facility Solutions provides expert flood restoration to ensure your facility is brought back to the standards you've come to expect.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any facility to keep clean. Don't leave this vital operation to chance. Trust the experts at City Wide to provide a comprehensive cleaning of your kitchen space today.

Landscaping is often your visitors' first impression of your facility and the level of quality you offer. Lawn & Landscaping offers many challenges to be overcome. City Wide is prepared to meet those challenges head-on and deliver quality lawn care to your facility.

Proper lighting is essential for the health and welfare of your staff and visitors. Whatever the requirement, City Wide Facility Solutions can help you identify the best soltuions for your lighting requirements and ensure your facility is well-lit and ready for business.

It's no secret that mold can pose a threat to any facility. Mold brings with it health risks to visitors and employees alike, and must be remediated as soon as possible by an expert. If your facility requires mold remediation, trust the experts at City Wide to get the job done.

A good paint job serves a number of purposes, from cosmetic appeal to ensuring a healthy environment. A good team will work with you to plan out your vision and ensure the project is going as planned. City Wide Facility Solutions is equipped to exceed your expectations and deliver a quality product.

The parking lot is often one of the most overlooked areas in any facility as it sits just outside of your daily range of sight. However, it is often one of the first things prospective clients notice about your business, and is often subject to disrepair. Accessibility to your business is crucial. Count on City Wide Facility Solutions to ensure your parking lot space is kept as clean and safe as the day your business opened.

Pests are numerous and varied, and every pest control job is different. You need a team that is prepared for any type of pest you may be experiencing. Trust the experts at City Wide Facility Solutions to ensure your facility remains pest-free.

Roof damage exposes your facility to the elements. From sun damage to rain water, a damaged roof can pose a myriad of challenges for your business. City Wide Facility Solutions is prepared to ensure your roof returns to its former glory.

Security and access control is vital for any business, and ensuring you have the necessary security solutions is non-negotiable. Trust the experts at City Wide Facility Soltuions to deliver Security and Access Control solutions for your business.

Tenants have a variety of varied needs that require a specialist who can provide for those needs. City Wide offers a number of professionals who can ensure your tenants needs are taken care of in a timely manner.

Now, more than ever, workplace health and safety is on everyone's minds. Don't leave anything to chance. Trust the experts at City Wide to ensure your business is kept up to the workplace health & safety standards you expect.

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